Κ. Νάντια Σερεμετάκη

διεθνώς αναγνωρισμένη συγγραφέας




Interviews in National Newspapers

“History in Mani Lies on the Bone”
Interviewed by A. Pagratis. National daily newpaper KATHIMERINI, Sunday edition, April 29, 2018.

“The 30 Questions” Natassa Bastea interviewing Nadia Seremetakis.
National Daily newspaper TA NEA, March 23, 1998.

“Crossing Borders with Nadia Seremetakis”
Interviewed by Katerina Maggana for the documentary Creating Tomorrow. Papaioannou Press, 2002.

“On Earthquake and Public Memory”  Interviewed by Anna Stergiou. National daily newspaper ELEFTHEROTYPIA, May 26, 2002.

Interviewed by Anna Stergiou on “Come to Eros” poetry book.
National Daily newspaper ELEFTHEROTYPIA, January 7, 2002.


 Local Press

Eleftheria. Daily newspaper of Messinia, Sunday edition, June 22-23, 2019.

Maniatiki Allilegii, Peloponnesian monthly bilingual newspaper, June 2002.

Laconika Themata. Daily newspaper of Laconia, June 30, 2000.

Eleftheria. Daily newspaper of Messinia, January 2019. (

Foni. Daily newspaper of Kalamata, February 2019.

H Mahi. Weekly newspaper of Kalamata, July 30, 2000.

Eleftheria. Daily newpaper of Messinia, March 2019. (


TV & Radio- Presentations

Public TV “NET”, Saturday 02/21/2001, Carnival and Its Meaning in Modernity. Panel discussion

Public TV “ET1”, Sunday 02/11/2001-2002 “Creating Tomorrow,” documentary on C. Nadia Seremetakis.

NG TV- New York   30/10/2002
Presentation-Interview:  Panicos Panagiotou

‘Αξιον Εστί–by Vassilis Vassilikos, 31/01/1996

Radio:  94.4FM 16/01/2000,   984FM 08/03/2000,  3o Πρόγραμμα 107,7FM

Radio: ERT Kalamata, May 10, 2019,  Interview by Maria Tomara. | 2021 © All rights reserved